”ViveoCares Foundation, the Estonia-based NGO recently launched an initiative ‘Telehealth without borders’ for all doctors across the world who want to support Ukrainian citizens with medical advice in this hour of need. Doctors from 11 nationalities have now joined the platform and provide medical assistance to Ukrainian people in 3 languages – English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Former President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves is leading the way for social impact. 


Tallinn, Estonia, 2nd March 2022

The war in Ukraine is escalating rapidly, leading to a massive humanitarian crisis, with medical services being interrupted by the conflict and critical supplies unable to reach those who need them most. 

While facilities focus on urgent trauma patients, other health threats are looming. In wartime, healthcare crises – a lack of access to hospitals and treatment, outbreaks of disease, malnutrition, and the like – often kill far more people than bombs and bullets said the former president of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves.  “We need to turn to creative, affordable, and accessible technological solutions to address the fundamental challenges we face in the 21st Century and I hope to help Viveo bring its expertise and innovative solutions to help this become a reality”.

Raul Källo, CEO ViveoCares adds “We as citizens of the world have a moral responsibility to help the ones who have limited or no resources, we want to help Ukrainian people and thus opened our telehealth platform for doctors to provide medical advice to Ukrainian people at no cost. There are many pregnant women who need regular advice, children and senior citizens who need consultation for acute problems and many more who are in urgent need of mental health and psychosocial support services.”

According to the ViveoCares founder, they will raise funds to support volunteer doctors to provide this valuable service until the healthcare infrastructure in Ukraine stabilizes. Many institutions have already partnered through this initiative including The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) by onboarding volunteer Ukrainian-speaking healthcare providers abroad and their respective hospital networks. “Medical professionals worldwide have been seeking a way to contribute their time and expertise to help the Ukrainian people, and UMANA’s members are proud to partner with The ViveoCares Foundation to provide one impactful form of support to Ukraine,” said UMANA’s president, Leo J Wolansky, MD.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves (who served as president of Estonia from 2006-to 2016) has been Viveo’s advisory board since the beginning of the pandemic. Ilves, who has been a major proponent of technological advances not only in Estonia but in the rest of Europe, sees Viveo Health as the digital solution that can provide lifesaving aid for families during the crisis. Last year, during the deadliest covid wave in India, under Telehealth Without Borders initiative hundreds of Europeans were granted free consultations through donations which impacted thousands of Indian lives.

The former president Ilves added “We’re calling all medical doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical experts to join in to donate online consultations. Free online medical consultation from your home will provide lifesaving aid for families affected by the Ukraine crisis. Now it’s the time to act!”

In an effort to positively overhaul health care policies and strategies, Ilves was added to the World Health Organization’s committee on health and sustainable development in 2020 as its commissioner on technology and innovation. The commission was spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, but the overhaul itself is something that has been in desperate need ever since much of the world has shifted to more mobile capabilities in communication (nearly 40% of the world population now owns a smartphone). The idea is that this type of mobile flexibility should allow for a vast reduction in face-to-face doctor visits – something that could be used to quickly curb any future crisis.


Restructuring of the healthcare system over the past several years has helped make Estonia #1 in the world in regard to E-Health. In fact, Estonia has defined itself over the past couple of decades as the digital frontrunner in Europe. First made splashes in 2003 by bringing accessible video communication to the world through Skype. Since then, Estonia has had countless other successes such as Wise (previously TransferWise) which has made currency exchanges between countries easy and comprehensive, and Bolt, known today as Europe’s main rideshare app. At the same time, Estonia remains the leading country in the world in e-governance and digital public services.


With its well-established E-Health care system and the numerous startup successes in mind, Viveo has their eyes set on bringing digital healthcare advancements to the rest of the globe through a simple and user-friendly platform that is easily adaptable, regardless of the country. Besides the Baltics, Viveo has already firmly established itself in the Indian and Mexican markets with more places yet to come.


Viveo’s vision of creating and scaling social impact and sustainability globally has attracted Mastercard, who has chosen Viveo as the first and only healthcare company to participate in their Lighthouse MASSIV Program. This program significantly supports Viveo’s goal of providing healthcare to one billion people by 2025. Viveo will also be supported by advisors from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a.o. Swedbank, Danske Bank, Synch, and Nordic Impact Funds.


If you are a doctor who would like to join this initiative, or Ukrainian who seeks any kind of medical advice – visit https://viveohealth.com/ukraine/ 

Individuals and corporates can donate to support volunteer doctors and Ukrainian people through Raisely platform: https://viveo-cares-for-ukraine.raisely.com/