This Saturday (November 13th), is World Kindness Day, a day where we can reflect on all of the kindness in the world while also doing your part to enrich and spread kindness to others. Perhaps you could use this day as an excuse to gift someone a surprise (it doesn’t have to be any huge or expensive to be meaningful). You could even take the time to look for some place where you can volunteer at to make a difference.  

The great thing about kindness is that it breeds more kindness from everyone it touches. For example, being kind to one person (even a stranger) will often trickle down to that person then offering further kindness to another person. This is often done instinctively without any conscious effort to be more kind.  

Kindness alone can offer be a major boost to one’s own mental health, breaking yourself out of physical or mental isolation and helping to give a largely sense of belonging within humanity. 

Think back to previous acts of kindness where you’ve been on either side – giving or receiving. Hasn’t the act of kindness immediately made you feel a larger connection not only with the individual (or group) involved in the act, but also largely improved your outlook on humanity as a whole. It may seem overly simplified, but the practical implications made by a small act of kindness can’t be overstated. 

Pandemic induced isolation 

The uncharacteristic isolation brought on by the global pandemic has resulted in a noticeable decrease in socialization, especially person-to-person conversing. Science has proven that humans require regular conversation between others to help strengthen cognitive skills, to gain insight into the strife of others and to build upon the collectiveness of humanity. From a personal standpoint, I have seen many people lose some of their ability to socialize and with that they lose out on performative acts of kindness as well as a loss of warm and affection. 

It’s important, as a social civilization, that we constantly push ourselves to break out of any reclusive behavior and show others the inherent kindness we all are capable of. 

A positive challenge 

To restore a sense of humanity that has been slightly lost over the past couple years, we at Viveo challenge ourselves as well as you to the “Pay it forward 5” challenge.  

All it takes to complete this challenge is to perform 5 acts of kindness to 5 different strangers. Instead of asking for anything in return for your kindness, simply ask that they too perform 5 kindness acts themselves. Together we can build the type of society we want – it’s not always easy, but it’s always important. 


If you find that you’re struggling to see the goodness in life or feeling anxious speaking to strangers, we implore you to reach out to mental health expert. Discussing these types of issues with a professional can be a lifesaver for you as they have been for millions of others already.