UK, Poland, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and India are offering free medical advice to people in the Ukrainian War Zone through Viveo Cares Initiative.


Tallinn, Estonia, 2nd March 2022

Tallinn, Estonia, 4th March – As per UNHRC, More than 1.2M Ukrainian citizens are displaced from their homes and have taken refuge in 7 neighboring countries including 50,000 who crossed Russian borders. After the Russian Invasion on 24th Feb, life in Ukraine is still far from normal as hostilities are now directly impacting citizens with Russian troops entering Ukrainian cities. 


Viveo Cares Foundation, the Estonia-based NGO recently opened its telehealth platform for all doctors who wanted to support Ukrainian citizens with medical advice in this hour of need. Doctors from 7 Nationalities have now joined the platform and provide medical assistance to Ukrainian people in 3 languages – English, Ukrainian, and Russian.  


Raul Källo, CEO at ViveoCares said “We as citizens of the world have a moral responsibility to help the ones who have limited or no resources, we want to help Ukrainian people and thus opened our telehealth platform for doctors to provide medical advice to Ukrainian people at No Cost. There are many pregnant women who need regular advice, children & senior citizens who need consultation for acute problems and many more who need mental health consultations in this war situation.”


“In the coming days, we will raise funds from individuals and corporations who would like to support our volunteer doctors to keep this service alive till the healthcare infrastructure in Ukraine returns to normalcy,” Källo added. 

ViveoCares Foundation allows the more fortunate people to help people who otherwise may not be able to receive medical assistance. Last year, during the deadliest covid wave in India, under Viveo Cares program hundreds of Europeans were granted free consultations through donations which impacted thousands of Indian lives. 

If you are a doctor who would like to join this initiative, or a Ukrainian citizen or refugee who seeks any kind of medical advice – visit to know more details about this program. Individuals & Corporates can donate to support volunteer doctors and Ukrainian People through the Raisely platform:


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