Applied science together with a strong business sense create services and tools to make human life easier and to release time. All commodities such as food deliveries, robots-helpers at the airports, developed banking systems, service aggregators, and so on become an inevitable part of our daily routine.

The health care system is not behind the global digitalization process.
Therefore, the digitization of health care has given a base to countless resources and tools that help to improve healthcare services, provide access to health care to more people, and make it affordable, and convenient.
One of such healthcare services is telehealth or telemedicine, or how it is known among people – video doctor.
Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services through telecommunications technologies. It allows the prevention of serious diseases by early symptoms monitoring and diagnosis, besides long-distance patients are not forced to travel, they can book a medical consultation from any spot in the world.

If you are experiencing any health-related problems – take care of yourself and book a consultation with a professional doctor online.

The principal question of health care digitalization is data storage. All medical records are classified as sensitive data, therefore, it requires specific storing and transferring capabilities.

Hence, in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as a part of the National Health Policy, a national initiative was launched – Ayushman Bharat or “Healthy India”.
As a part of this initiative has been implemented ABHA number.

What is the ABHA number?

ABHA (or Ayushman Bharat Health Account) number is a 14-digit personal number that identifies you in India’s healthcare system.


In other words, the ABHA number is a key to simplifying access to the medical care system.
It is the way to democratize the health care system, by avoiding offline records, the necessity to forward them manually from doctor to doctor, and taking care of storing your medical data.

Benefits of ABHA number:

  • Storing of all personal health records, such as lab tests, prescriptions, and medical statements
  • With enhanced security and encrypted tool, patient’s health records are not shared without their holder’s permission
  • Free access to digital health records with the ABHA health card
  • Link to public health programs and insurance providers’ benefits
  • Ability to maintain personal health record history (PHR) and link it to ABHA mobile app
  • Stress-less acquisition of medical health, without spending time in long queues to fill out a hospital admission form

How does it work?

ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) Address is a self-declared username that allows you to share and access your health records digitally. The ABHA address may look like ‘yourname@consent manager’.For instance, xyz@abdm is an ABHA address with ABDM Consent.

How to get the ABHA number or Health ID?

These are 2 ways how to obtain the ABHA number:

By the link: choose in which way you would like to proceed with registration: via driver’s license or Aadhaar

  • If you chose Aadhar – please enter the Aadhaar number, proceed with Aadhaar authentication, complete your user profile, and obtain the ABHA number
  • If you chose driver’s license – Enter your 10 Digit Phone Number, proceed with verification with OTP (one-time password), verify your driver’s license, after what complete your profile, and obtain the ABHA number

After the ABHA number is created you are enabled to utilize health care system services without being bothered with storing, sharing, and receiving your medical records.

Bear in mind that participating in using an ABHA number is voluntary. At any time you may request to delete or temporarily deactivate your ABHA number.

Meanwhile, remember that your health is the top priority, if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms – book an appointment with doctor online, and do not forget about your immunization schedule.