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Viveo is the only healthcare solution robust enough to prevent illnesses before they get worse through rapid response times.

With the Viveo app, employees can speak to a doctor in no time.
All an employee needs to do is download the app.
All employee medical data is kept private and safe between doctor and patient.
Viveodoctors are specifically chosen and trained to provide excellent service.


An all-in-one solution that takes healthcare to the future

Viveo helps companies reduce sick days by providing immediate access to a healthcare professional.
Our doctors evaluate employee health, prescribe medications, book appointments with specialists (if needed) and much more.

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Taking the complications out of healthcare is one our main goals and why we’ve kept the process of reaching a doctor as simple as possible.


Employee contacts a Viveo doctor


Receives expert medical care


If any further actions are needed, Viveo manages them


We love our clients and
our clients love us

Building up new revenue streams has so far been the biggest challenge. In addition, hiring and empowering teams in other countries is always an interesting challenge – maintaining the same culture of ambition while expanding.

Gomti Shankar
Chief Revenue Officer

That excitement of startup uncertainty and that every day can bring you more new challenges. Also, knowing that the global telemedicine market has a such great potential to grow to make the healthcare equally accessible to all sections of society.

Robert Kikas
Business Development, LATAM
Ultra-fast service

The main reason(s) why I joined the Viveo Health team was to be part of the healthcare success story and be able to really contribute to it. Making healthcare convenient and quickly available for everybody at anytime and anywhere is an exciting goal to try to reach.

Martin Lõbu
B2B Sales Manager

Viveo is the perfect place to grow fast as a professional. A nice and respectful environment with a horizontal structure and a team that pictures a more equitative healthcare service.

Nataly Romero

Eliminating the standard chaos of startups while also trying to get everyone’s expectations to be within reason. Step by step, trial and error.

Lauri Viigand
Project Manager


We make healthcare more efficient, personalized and affordable

Viveo’s Corporate Healthcare Package takes into consideration the holistic needs of every employee — taking care of more than just surface level issues.

Country locations
Country locations
Country locations

Viveo Corporate Healthcare Package

Unlimited Digital Consultations

Unlimited Digital Consultations

Chronic Healthcare Plan

Mental Health Specialist and Counsellors

Ayurvedic Treatments

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