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Viveo gets your employees back to work faster while also saving you more money every year.
According to Estonia’s Ministry of Finance, the average sick day costs an employer €160/person. Viveo’s healthcare solution has cut down on the amount of sick days by approximately 30%, giving you higher profitability while also keeping your employees happy and healthy.
Expert medical treatment for your employees.
With no wait times.
That’s the Viveo way.
By quickly connecting your employees with a doctor, we ensure your staff aren’t working while sick. Estonian statistics claim that 80% of employees still go to work when feeling ill
Immediate medical help -
7 days a week
Our staff of medical specialists are always available for a free health call.
See a specialist in less than half the standard waiting time
Viveo handles the scheduling, paperwork and pays the medical bills so your employees can get direct medical help as quickly as possible.
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How does Viveo Health work and how does it improve your employees’ well-being?
Using current technology, Viveo Health instantly puts your employees face-to-face with a doctor on screen, allowing our professionals to evaluate health conditions, determine next steps, and handle all appointments and paperwork.

You choose a Viveo Health plan for your company


Employees contact a Viveo doctor if feeling ill


Doctor advises the employee and prepares next steps


If necessary, doctor makes arrangements to visit a specialist


Employee goes to pre-arranged examination


Employee receives high-quality treatment and returns to work quickly

With Viveo Health, employees return to work at least 30% sooner

Don’t just take our
for it

Win-win solution

Viveo offers a new way of solving health care problems. Daily access to the Viveo medical concierge service, video calls with specialised doctors and a large network of clinics - all of this helps benefit employees. It is a win-win solution because employees are happier and also able to return back to work faster

Jan Palmer
CEO Regional Jet
Quick service

Viveo service quickly provides you with a doctor’s appointment so you can get an answer to your health issues. Our experience has shown that Viveo doctors and nurses are professional and our employees are taken care of in no time!

Risto Laur
CEO of Südameapteek
We have highly skilled doctors available around the clock
Through our extensive network of doctors, you will have access to specialists in several fields such as: hematologist, radiology, dermatology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, endrocrinology — as well as many more! Check out all the doctors and hospitals available.
We provide
the best data security
Viveo Health is proud to offer professional service with Compliance, Safety, Security, and Trust. Our commitment to compliance, data & information security and protection of personal privacy are part of the core values of our company. And of course, we are GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
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