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In what way does Viveo Health Concierge improve your healthcare journey?
There’s rarely a worse time to have your back against the wall when you’re feeling ill. That’s why our Health Concierge team simplifies the process by solving your health problems.

Our Health Concierge service has been able to resolve by themselves without forwarding to specialist doctors, more than 60% of inquiries brought to Viveo;

doctors speak three languages - Estonian, English, or Russian; available 8 hrs/day, 7 days/week;

contact Viveo doctor through call, text or video call.

caring Health Concierge helps to book lab tests or specialist doctor appointments;

convenient and private access to doctors network of 5000 professionals;

referrals to the best specialist doctors.

Our medical team handles all the paperwork.

Patients are our #1 concern, which means we will go beyond our way to help you.

In addition to being available 7 days a week, our quick response time gives you an answer in minutes instead of hours or days. We’re committed to proving how important your time is to us.

Finding the right specialists can be one of the most frustrating ordeals - one that is multiplied when you’re already sick. This is why Viveo takes it upon ourselves to match you up with the right doctor in a short amount of time.

Don’t just take our
for it

Win-win solution

Viveo offers a new way of solving health care problems. Daily access to the Viveo medical concierge service, video calls with specialised doctors and a large network of clinics - all of this helps benefit employees. It is a win-win solution because employees are happier and also able to return back to work faster

Jan Palmer
CEO Regional Jet
Quick service

Viveo service quickly provides you with a doctor’s appointment so you can get an answer to your health issues. Our experience has shown that Viveo doctors and nurses are professional and our employees are taken care of in no time!

Risto Laur
CEO of Südameapteek
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