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Viveo Health está a tu disposición donde quieras, cuando quieras.


Diseñado para cubrir una amplia variedad de necesidades médicas

Con tecnología de vanguardia, privacidad de datos y atención en la usabilidad del paciente, Viveo está reinventando y mejorando la forma en que operan los servicios de salud.

For Patients

An easy-to-use solution for those who want to quickly consult with a medical specialist.

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For Doctors

A complete e-health solution that enables doctors to digitally consult with their patients.

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For Insurance

Viveo’s uniquely integrated solution makes it easy for health insurance companies to expand their options.

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For Companies

Create a healthy and happy atmosphere for employees through unlimited access to healthcare.

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>We want to make healthcare more widespread, efficient and affordable

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¿Por qué la gente elige Viveo para su atención médica?

Hay muchas opciones de atención médica, pero Viveo se enorgullece de brindar el mejor servicio de salud para todos nuestros usuarios.

With the Viveo app, speaking to a doctor is quicker than ever.
So easy to use that the hardest step is just downloading the app.
Secure & Private
All of your medical data is kept private and safe between you and your doctor.
Viveo doctors are specifically chosen and trained to provide excellent service to patients.


Únete a quienes ya confían en nosotros para su atención médica


Comience su primera consulta en segundos

  1. Descargue la aplicación Viveo
  2. Elija su hora de consulta
  3. Seleccione el especialista que requiera
  4. Agregue sus datos
  5. Está listo para su consulta


Una clínica virtual rápida, sencilla y segura para médicos

  • Administre citas, datos de pacientes e historiales médicos en la plataforma mas fácil de usar del mercado
  • Aproveche al máximo las funciones inteligentes como prescripciones electrónicas y chat en tiempo real
  • Solicite y administre pagos con nuestro sistema integrado de facturación
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Backed by experts in their fields

Ultra-fast service

Viveo really helped us get medical help to our employees quickly and provided assistance in English. The health concerns of our employees were quickly solved by Viveo in only hours (depending on the issues). I believe healthcare needs to continue towards this type of convenience for the future

-Jan Palmer
CEO Regional Jet
Fast and high-quality medical care

Thanks to Viveo's extensive network of healthcare partners, our employees are guaranteed fast and high-quality medical care. A big plus is how convenient their solution is - one quick phone call or chat is all you need to see the right doctor or get the correct service.

-Rahel Pihlak
Head of Hedman Law Office
Next level help

Viveo doctors were wonderful and able to answer my questions quickly over the phone. I was even able to see a Viveo doctor and medical nurse over a video call. The real difference with Viveo is how easy and fast they can make healthcare. Viveo got me a doctor and lab results within 2 days!

-Sirle Maurits
Real estate agent/Viveouser
A seamless experience

I have lower back pain and after calling Viveo I got an x-ray and neurologist appointment scheduled for the next day. It was a seamless journey to get diagnosed promptly. Through the regular healthcare system, I would have waited months for an appointment. I'm not only happy, but grateful for Viveo.

-Kristjan Kilp
Project Manager/ Viveouse
Great support and easy to use

At Topia, we value the well-being and health of ouremployees. Unfortunately, we had a hard time finding English speaking services. Viveo provides a flexible and versatile solution with health insurance and multi-language support. Viveo doctors are friendly and open to questions or suggestions.

-Mariann Luhaoja


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