Your virtual clinic.
Fast, simple, secure.

A complete e-health solution that enables health professionals to consult their patients in just one click.


To help provide free COVID consultations with patients all across India, Viveo is partnering up with the non-profit, socio-cultural organization - Odia Somaj. Сlick to join the initiative

Viveo is FAST

Provide instant digital visits to your patients in just one click. Viveo has the fastest onboarding, which allows you to care for more patients in less time.

Viveo is SIMPLE

Access our user-friendly e-health platform from any device. No downloads are required. Viveo enables you to consult and treat patients anytime, anywhere.

Viveo is SECURE

Keep all data, medical records, and personal details safely stored in one place. All transactions and payments are end-to-end encrypted.

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How It Works?

  • 1. Start calls in 1 click
  • 2. Make notes and share documents during the call
  • 3. Set treatment plans
  • 4. Receive payments

1) You send the patient a link by SMS or email
2) Patient opens the link
3) Video consultation starts

You are able to make notes during the call and share documents between you and the patient online.

You are able to set treatment plans during and after the call.

Request money from your patients before and during the teleconsultation.

Viveo's Features

  • Digital Consultations

    Manage your appointment schedule, patient data and medical records on one easy-to-use platform. Invite your patients to digital consultations by phone, video call or text, and start providing instant digital visits.

  • Digital Prescriptions & Chat

    Take full advantage of our smart features like e-prescriptions and real-time chat. You can write digital prescriptions, notify your patients about new treatment plans, medications and appointments.

  • Collect Payments

    Request and manage payments for your paid patient consultations with our built-in invoicing and payment system. All transactions are end-to-end encrypted and fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Viveo make my life easier and save my time?

    Our technology is your shortcut for a number of reasons:

    • Instead of jumping between different softwares and spreadsheets, you have everything you need in one place: your calendar, invoicing and payments system, as well as your patients’ health records and database.
    • Instead of wasting time on commuting, you can work from the safety of your home or from anywhere you want — you just need to be online.
    • Instead of personally contacting your patients to arrange appointments, follow ups and payments, you can leave it to our smart scheduling system and built-in payment handling.
    • Instead of investing in various cyber security solutions to avoid being hacked, Viveo keeps you protected with its top encryption protocols — making it incomparably safer than e-consulting via standard email, text or video call.

  • Do I need to pay for membership or subscription? Do I need to sign a contract?

    Viveo gives you full freedom and flexibility — there’s no contract, no subscription or membership payment. You decide on your working hours and rates. 

    Viveo will only deduct a small transaction fee (it varies by country, you’ll see the list after you log in) for your patients’ payments, if you choose to charge for your e-consultations. 

  • Can I collect payments for my e-consultation via Viveo platform?

    Yes. Invoicing and payment processing has been made easy with our built-in system. Patients will be charged when opening the health record and you’ll get paid when the record is resolved

    Because it’s secured by Stripe PCI 3.2 compliant solution, Viveo will charge a small transaction fee (it varies by country, you’ll see the list after you log in) for your patients’ payments.

  • Are my patients’ data and health records safe in Viveo?

    Absolutely yes. All data and channels are encrypted. Viveo platform complies with GDPR, HIPAA as well as PCI DSS 3.2.

    Viveo is proud to offer professional service with Compliance, Safety, Security and Trust. Our commitment to compliance, data and information security, and protection of personal privacy are part of the core values of our company. 

    Which is why we’ve already been trusted by thousands of health professionals in over 40 countries around the world.

  • Do I need to be a doctor to use Viveo?

    No. Viveo is open to all healthcare professionals — doctors, nurses, mental health practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists etc. — anyone who helps people live healthier and happier lives.

  • Do my patients need to have online access? Is the platform intuitive enough for senior patients?

    Yes, online access is required. Your patients can use Viveo via browser or an app, both of which are easy and intuitive to use.

  • Can I use Viveo on my computer (via browser) or do I need to download an app?

    Yes, you’ll be using Viveo via browser on any device that’s convenient for you (your laptop, tablet or smartphone). No downloads required.