We have compiled a 5-step quick-access guideline with key points on how to keep your employees safe during the crisis.

1. Avoiding infections

Avoid the risk of infection from waiting in line with other patients when going to the doctor. Covid-19 virus has symptoms similar to those of common colds. Every worker has a real risk of infection by being in the same room as the doctor’s queue with the symptomatic patients.

With Viveo Health Solution, you no longer have to physically see a doctor, which means that the patient has a 0% risk of becoming infected in a queue.

2. Getting a diagnose fast

Any disease can be treated at an early stage much more easily, effectively, and with minimal critical health consequences. The time to see a specialist can be expected for several months. During this time, the disease can get worse and cause more health problems.

Viveo Medical Team works daily from 9 am to 5 pm and the patient can contact the doctor by phone, chat or app. This comfort motivates patients to see a doctor at the first symptoms. You don’t have to diagnose yourself or wait for a doctor’s time.

3. Providing medical help 7 days a week

Employees often do not have enough time on weekdays to see a doctor. There are usually a lot of work tasks, after work the time is already too late. The family doctor does not have appointments during weekends.

Viveo can help patients with our doctors 7 days a week.

4. Communicating within the workplace

Communication is the key when it comes to crisis management. As the Covid-19 situation comes along with a lot of misinformation, especially medical, then it is important to communicate appropriately. If in need of professional medical opinions, it is possible to contact health care personnel from a distance.

Viveo can provide professional medical information from trusted sources in order for managers and leaders to be able to communicate timely and according information during the crisis.

5. Using telemedicine – consult a doctor online

Online consultations reduce the number of contacts, and thus the risk of infection. Telemedicine also saves time – on average, an employee takes 3 hours to see a doctor, but with a telemedicine solution, the doctor is only a few clicks away. Statistics show that 80% of cases can be resolved remotely using a telemedicine solution.

How does Viveo Health solution work?

Consulting a doctor is easier than ever

1. Contact your doctor for medical advice through Viveo portal by video or phone call or chat. You can quickly contact your Viveo doctor to clarify your health concerns.

2. Your Viveo doctor will consult you, prescribe a treatment plan, digital prescription if necessary, and keep you informed about your treatment journey. If necessary, our doctor will advise you via video.

3. Viveo Medical Team will monitor your recovery and is available for any questions regarding the patient journey.