Viveo Indijā pacientiem sniedz COVID konsultācijas tikai par ₹100 (≈ 1€)

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Setting up a consultation is easy Just follow these quick steps to set up your first call
1 Download the Viveo app
For Covid Consultations Choose “COVID-Consultation” under medical experts
3 Choose a time for your consultation
2 Fill out your details
4 Find a specialist that fits your needs
5 You’re all set for simple and secure health consultations

To help provide free COVID consultations with patients all across India, Viveo is partnering up with the non-profit, socio-cultural organization - Odia Somaj. Сlick to join the initiative

Introducing Viveo

Viena platforma, kas piedāvā risinājumus:

  • A complete e-health solution enabling doctors to digitally consult with their patients.

  • Transform your traditional practice into a virtual clinic that fast, simple and secure.

  • Create a healthy and happy workplace by offering employees unlimited access to healthcare.

  • An easy-to-use solution for those who want to consult a medical specialist with just a click.


We Care About Your Privacy

  • Viveo is proud to offer a professional service with compliance, safety, security, and trust. This is why we’re already trusted by thousands of health professionals in over 40 countries around the world.
  • Our commitment to compliance, data and information security, and protection of personal privacy, is part of the mission and core values of Viveo.
  • All data and channels are end-to-end encrypted. Viveo’s platform complies with the highest international security standards like GDPR, HIPAA, CE as well as PCI DSS 3.2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Viveo?

    1. Viveo gives patients and doctors the opportunity to have digital visits anywhere and anytime.


    1. For doctors, our platform provides a virtual clinic experience – easily access and save your patients’ medical records within our safe e-health platform; take advantage of our unique features like e-billing and e-prescriptions.


    1. Read more about how Viveo works for doctors and for clinics.

  • How do I log in/sign up to Viveo?

    1. Click on the log in / sign up button at the top of the home page


    1. Fill in your details to create an account


    1. You are ready to go!

  • Is it safe?

    Safety and security are our core values. All payments and transactions are protected. All personal details and medical records are stored securely on one easy-to-use platform.