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At Topia we value the well-being and health of our employees. Viveo offers a flexible and versatile solution with health insurance and multi-language support. The viveodoctors are friendly and open to questions or suggestions.

Mariann Luhaoja  Topia 

Viveo doctors were wonderful and able to answer my questions quickly over the phone. The real difference with Viveo is how easy and fast they can make healthcare. Viveo got me a doctor and lab results within 2 days!

Sirle Maurits Viveo user

With Viveo our employees are guaranteed fast and high-quality medical care. A big plus is how convenient their solution is - one quick phone call or chat is all you need to see the right doctor or get the correct service.

Rahel Pihlak Head of Hedman Law Office

The health concerns of our employees were quickly solved by Viveo in only hours (depending on the issues). I believe healthcare needs to continue towards this type of convenience for the future.

Jan Palmer CEO Regional Jet