Drastic times require drastic and fast actions. When the telemedicine company Viveo Health, founded in 2017, came to market in Estonia a year ago, they couldn’t have seen what was coming. A year later, the world was struck by a global disaster and the company started receiving requests from countries like Australia, South Africa, and UAE to Moldova and Brazil. Having then quickly secured 2M EUR in funding, Viveo has now decided to help governments around the world and invites all doctors to use their platform for free. This will enable many doctors, even the ones who are retired, to start working again and do it securely while staying physically away from their patients.

Viveo Health founded by seasoned entrepreneur Raul Källo, who at first invested 2M EUR of his own money into the company, is now looking to make Estonia the frontrunner in telemedicine while protecting people from COVID-19. In the post-COVID world, Raul aims to make healthcare more personalized, consumer-centric and simplified. “Viveo is like Netflix for healthcare as our end-users subscribe to the service with a small monthly fee and can access it at any time,” said the CEO Raul Källo. The platform allows doctors of different ages to have flexible work hours while working very efficiently. As an example, a similar Chinese company today services a record 250 million people while employing only 1000 doctors.

Viveo telemedicine platform has already over a thousand end-users as well as hundreds of enterprise clients where employers provide Viveo as a part of their employees’ benefits package. It has been estimated that there soon will be about 1 billion online consultations between people and doctors so the company is not worried about the competition at all. Its platform complies with GDPR, HIPAA as well as PCI DSS 3.2  and takes pride in its secure authentication feature.

“Estonia is the first truly digital society and in this crisis, we are turning our eyes to technology and the startup sector. Making health care more digital is definitely one stream we will see evolving as the result of the crisis. The shift from physical consultations to telemedicine will not only save people’s lives but thanks to increased efficiency also save time and resources that can be used elsewhere,” adds Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid, the President of Estonia.

While developing the platform, Viveo combined Estonia’s e-Health system with novel telemedicine features making sure that the communication between the doctor and the patient over the authenticated connection is secure. Viveo’s doctors also issue digital prescriptions to their contractual clients and refer them to specialists while Viveo’s staff members can book these specialist doctor appointments for their patients. Thanks to the integration with X-Road and e-Health, all of the required entries are also made in the patient’s personal health record.

The company now invites all doctors, especially family doctors everywhere in the world to join the platform and invite their patients to reach out to them in a fast and secure way.

Additional information about what the platform allows doctors to do

Most importantly, they can keep themselves safe while working remotely whenever it’s convenient for them. They can also receive patient health concerns offline and online via the platform, authenticate the patients and chat, call or have video calls securely. The numbers show that the majority of male users prefer to chat with doctors while female users prefer to have a call. Viveo also provides an easy to follow calendar view with all their remote appointments and they can easily make notes regarding the patients’ medical conditions. These notes will be saved in the patients’ health registry. The platform also allows exporting patient EMR, quickly adding and removing patients and also onboard their own medical team to help with your patients.