Viveo Cares

Having simple access to quality healthcare shouldn’t be limited by your location or social bracket. This is why we established the charitable initiative #ViveoCares to supply free consultations to those in need, but who lack the necessary resources.


Providing resources for
Odia Samaj’s “Covid Care’ program

To help offer relief to traumatized patients in India, Viveo has joined Odia Samaj’s volunteer Covid Care program by contributing our health platform complimentary to doctors and patients.


Healthcare to those in need

Companies who partner with us and provide a contribution can make a large impact regarding their corporate social responsibility and help build a future to be proud of.


Driven to improve

Viveo strives to build a healthier and more accessible world for not only the present, but for decades to come.

Our 3 Pillars of Focus

Behind the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), meant as a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”, Viveo has targeted 3 main focus points:

Accessible Healthcare

Sustainale Growth

#ViveoCares Initiative

Accessible Healthcare

Viveo is working hard to bring healthcare to some of the most rural and remote parts of the world, helping to remove the physical borders that hinder many communities.

Opening offices in India and Mexico with a plan to expand to 30 different countries in the coming years.

Further build out our global marketing to increase visibility of the Viveo solution.

Build medical educational programs that are able to teach through the use of social media (e-health academy).

Sustainable Growth

Reducing the amount of travel required for doctors and patients helps to minimalize the risk of exposure as well as diminish global levels of CO2 emissions and improve our environment.

Lower the dependence on travel for both patients and doctors commuting to receive and perform medical aid.

Monitor emission production through testing so that we can correct and offset the impact we make on CO2 levels.

Internally encourage remote work, carpooling, green methods of transportation, and contribute to planting trees.

#ViveoCares Initiative

In an effort to level the playing field among different economic brackets, Viveo has developed a charitable donation system that allows people to grant free consultations to those in need.

A charitable program that allows those more fortunate to donate free consultations to those who otherwise may not be able to receive medical assistance.

With the assistance of Mastercard’s Lighthouse MASSIV program, we are able to more easily target those who are in need.

An easy access portal which allows doctors, nurses, and co-partners to supply free consultation times for those who need it most.

“Healthcare is a universal concern, in this globalized world threats to health no longer know any borders. We need to turn to creative, affordable and accessible technological solutions to address the fundamental challenges we face in the 21st Century.”

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of Estonia & current Viveo Cares Advisor


Viveo Health + NGOs

As a way of actively promoting and empowering organizations that aim to improve their communities, Viveo has chosen to offer their platform free to qualifying NGOs. By providing the Viveo technology for free, we move one step closer to evenly distributed and available healthcare.

Looking for other ways to partner with Viveo?

Let us know how else we can team up to provide a better future for tomorrow.