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Have a regular or video call with one of our skilled physicians —
no wait time,
7 days a week
Viveo offers a luxury level experience by giving you access to one of our doctors when it is most convenient for you rather than the other way around.
Quick appointments to
the top private and public clinics
With Viveo’s vast network, you receive access to not only public clinics, but also the best private clinics available.
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All your medical
payments and paperwork are handled by Viveo
Viveo Health guarantees €3,000/year per person, which means we can cover 100% of the cost of a doctor’s appointments and tests - giving you financial peace of mind.
Medical advice,
and e-prescriptions
In addition to the convenience of speaking to a physician whenever you need, you can also experience the luxuries of e-prescriptions and e-referrals without any extra work.
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What makes Viveo the simplest and best quality healthcare solution available?
Through the use of video calls, we allow you to “jump the queue” and speak to one of our doctors whenever you need, removing the time spent waiting for an appointment.

Your employer chooses
a Viveo Health plan


You contact us at the first
sign of symptoms


A doctor advises you
and prepares the next steps


The doctor makes arrangements to visit a specialized doctor


You go to your pre-arranged examination


You receive expert medical assistance with no wait time

Viveo directly pays all of your medical bills

Win-win solution

Viveo offers a new way of solving health care problems. Daily access to the Viveo medical concierge service, video calls with specialised doctors and a large network of clinics - all of this helps benefit employees. It is a win-win solution because employees are happier and also able to return back to work faster

Jan Palmer
CEO Regional Jet
Next level help

Viveo doctors were really wonderful in answering my questions quickly over the phone and I was even able to see a Viveo doctor and medical nurse over a video call. The real difference with Viveo is how easy and fast they make healthcare. Getting to doctors can often be confusing and stressful with waiting times up to 2 months! Viveo is able to get me to lab tests or a doctor within 2 days!

Sirle Maurits
Real estate agent / Viveo member
It took only a day!

I have lower back pain and after calling Viveo I got an x-ray scheduled for the next day and a neurologist appointment the same day. For me, it was a seamless journey to get my symptoms diagnosed promptly. Through the regular healthcare system, I would have waited months for a doctors appointment. I’m not only happy, but grateful for Viveo’s insurance and service.

Kristjan Kilp
Project Manager / Viveo member
Quick service

Viveo service quickly provides you with a doctor’s appointment so you can get an answer to your health issues. Our experience has shown that Viveo doctors and nurses are professional and our employees are taken care of in no time!

Risto Laur
CEO of Südameapteek
We have highly skilled doctors available around the clock
Through our extensive network of doctors, you will have access to specialists in several fields such as: oncology, radiology, dermatology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, endrocrinology — as well as many more! Check out all the doctors and hospitals available
We provide
the best data security
Viveo Health is proud to offer professional service with Compliance, Safety, Security and Trust. Our commitment to compliance, data and information security and protection of personal privacy are part of the core values of our company. And of course, we are GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
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